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Dates: 19-20.11.2022


In this course you will get to know and master the main features of Informal Leadership. You will acquire knowledge and skills related to its use in various spheres of life, so that it serves you constantly in your everyday life. Through the course, you will be able to achieve personal growth and self-improvement.

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Maria Ranchinska


A person with experience in the financial sphere and informal leadership. More than four years of practical experience, knowledge and skills gained in an international financial company built on the principle of Informal Leadership. Managing a large team of mostly young people with a high level of competence in finance, organizational skills and leadership.

Атанас Ненов

Atanas Nenov

personal finance consultant

Atanas Nenov is a manager with solid experience in the company Winners Group Ltd and a business owner. Possesses enviable knowledge of finance, investing, entrepreneurship, business organization and team management acquired through many years of practice. His desire to pass on his knowledge to everyone, with motivation for development and growth, is based on his belief that this will help Bulgaria become an even better place to live!

Emily Mihailova


Young and ambitious. Lawyer by education, with 4 years of experience in the field of financial services, management, and team motivation. She loves her work and considers it her vocation to help and develop the people around him. Completely practically oriented in the activity in which she is a professional, possessing excellent presentation and lecturing skills.

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The knowledge and skills acquired during the courses can be applied by
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To introduce students to informal leadership and its application.

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