How to get ahead of the competition and create a brand



Get ahead of the competition by becoming a part of this strategically important workshop – a gift to each of our trainees.

What awaits you during the event?

What else?

  • We will gather together with inspiring people, and informal leaders with similar interests.
    Within the module, we will use author’s methods and gamification tools to make the process as efficient and enjoyable as possible.
    After this training gift, you will surely already know how to create brands that touch the hearts of the customer and turn them into a loyal brand ambassador!
Мария Василева

Maria Vasileva

founder of Be Brand Agency

Maria has 12 years of experience in managing and building successful marketing strategies for Bulgarian and international companies with a focus on strategic marketing and corporate communications. Since 2017, she has been a professional teacher and lecturer on marketing communications and brand identity.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Today, more than ever, entrepreneurship is key to success in any area of ​​professional development. We at Ranchleed know this and have made it our mission to teach and build brand and brand identity as part of the informal leader curriculum.

Achieving a harmonious balance between informal leadership and building a strong brand identity. Real business cases will contribute to a quick and at the same time effective learning of knowledge and skills needed by the informal leader in his business model.

In Ranchleed, the creative potential of the informal leader is unfolded and the development of his individual capabilities is stimulated, we will lay a basis for achieving a successful own project on the creation of an entrepreneurial project related to building one’s own brand in 8 hours.