Our capital is the lecturers

The lecturers leading the courses are people with professional experience in real business models in which they mentor and train large teams. They are selected because they are efficient and capable entrepreneurs with proven skills and results.

Strongly prominent in their fields and spheres of activity and with serious experience in leading their structures throughout the country. Professionals in areas such as finance, computer skills, law, real estate, sales skills /direct sales/, leadership, training entire teams and structures, sports, presentation skills, and social relationships.


Антонио Бонев

Antonio Bonev


Емили Михайлова

Emily Mihailova


Тодор Васев

Todor Vasev

Business mentor and motivator

Мария Ранчинска

Мария Ранчинска


Атанас Ненов

Atanas Nenov

Consultant on
personal finance

Мария Василева

Maria Vasileva

Lecturer in Marketing Communications

Ангел Славчев

Angel Slavchev

Network security expert


Radostina Stefanova


Борислав Йовчев

Borislav Yovchev